Bio: Imeldra Moonpaw is the Deputy Clowder Mother and Chief Historian of the Clowder of Grimalhame. She lives within the clowder library and has been the custodian of Grimalhame's 7000 year history for over fifty years. Born in the year 1556 (Earth Year 1936), Imeldra joined the Order of Tir Oliach at the age of 20 and trained as a teacher and later, a professor of history, languages, bardic studies and philosophy. Imeldra taught for thirty years before becoming Head of History and Chief Librarian. She also became Scribe for the Democratic Council of Elders and a senior member of the council and order. After becoming Deputy Clowder Mother in 1619 (1999), Imeldra took on the role of chief of relief work which helped those living in hardship outside of the clowder by organising 'blanket drops' (distributing blankets and clothes to those in need before the winter. As a descendent of the ancient founding family of Deodar, Imeldra has penned many volumes on the history of Grimalhame including The Ancient Families of Leptailura, Marlioch and Deodar, The Revised Dictionary of Old Grimalkin and Weird and Wonderful Customs of the Grimalkin.

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